Welcome To The Brightside

The PIXLIP GO modular light box exhibition stand is the latest product to take the exhibition world by storm and it’s easy to see why.

The PIXLIP GO modular light box exhibition standThe PIXLIP GO modular light box exhibition stand

Demand Attention

Don’t just print your message on your graphics, light them up. The LED light box illuminates your graphics, giving your brand and key messages the attention they deserve. Sell more by standing out from the array of conventional banner systems and demand attention at every event.

Demand Attention

Go Anywhere

PIXLIP GO offers not only an intuitive design, but also easy transportation. All LIGHTBOX products can be dismantled into small parts and stored in a carrying bag to save space. Put it in the boot of your car or take it on the train, the PIXLIP GO allows you to take your message anywhere.

Do Anything

PIXLIP GO offers you the freedom of design. Use as a standalone lightbox or link together to create an illuminated exhibition stand. Set up, dismantle, rearrange and set up again. The quick and easy assembly and dismantling of PIXLIP GO allows you to create multiple display options from just one kit. The printed graphics can also be exchanged, reused or replaced at any time.

Don’t be left in the dark. Join In!

The brighter way to exhibit

PIXLIP GO doesn’t require you to be a whizz with the toolbox. The simple plug-in system can be installed by the most untrained hands in a few minutes. The principle is simple, but clever and based on just three essential components:


Printed Graphic

The individually designed textile panels make each PIXLIP GO product unique. The graphics can be exchanged or replaced at any time, providing even more flexibility and value for money.


Lightweight Frame

The PIXLIP GO frames are based on an intelligent plug-in where the components are simply pushed into each other for a perfect fit. Screws and other fixings are not required.

Integrated LED

Integrated LED Lighting

Powerful integrated LED lights illuminate the PIXLIP GO transforming your graphics and guaranteeing maximum attention.

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